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In a World where the movie and TV industry are corrupt with Comic Book Heroes, who will bring you update with all the news? Yes it is CoMix. So ask yourself this, CoMix and Chill?

June 21st, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #51 “Sylvie got really shy all of a sudden”

Our Heroes have returned for another episode of comix drinks & conversation!

Tune and find out what they thought of the mummy, and  why Sylvie got shy all of a sudden


June 12th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #50 “That Merry Go Round would have had no chance”

Our Heroes have returned for episode 50 of comix! yes thats right 50! trust us we are shocked we are shocked too.

Our Heroes talk about UFC, and thier spoiler free review of Wonder Woman.


May 24th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #49 “So much fir the short episode”

Our Heroes have returned for episode 49 of the podcast you all know and love. Tune in and find out what the group had to say


May 11th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #48: “You hit me up and you tell me where to go alright!”

Our Heroes have returned once again and this time they get serious and talk about bullying in social media, and find out how we feel about Th Crow reboot and the Defenders. 


May 3rd, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #47: “Are you going to talk about it? Or play with your soundboard?”

Our heroes have returned with episode 47 and they are not alone. The long lost podcast has returned, tune in as Sylvie returns to comix


April 24th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #46 “Its a movie!”

Our Heroes have returned once again to drink and have a conversation, is it possible that James Gunn can knock Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 out of the park? Will the writes strike tune in and fine out what our heroes think!


April 20th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #45: “Why do you gotta fuck up my intro man?”

Our heroes have returned fairly sauced before the episode has started, find out why we say its ok to love both Marvel and DC. 


April 10th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #44: Yeah, Fuck that I’m out

Our Heroes return again for another episode of Comix! Tune in as Andres trys to convince Ash and Esteban to watch the IT remake film. Also check out how they really feel about Michael Bay's future for the transformers franshise.


March 27th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation # 43 “Just like a Bat… I can dig it”

Our Heroes are back with another episode of comix! This week they talk about who should play Cable in Deadpool 2 film and the first offical trailer of Justice League. 


March 24th, 2017    

comix drinks & conversation #42: “Are we going to get pissed off at you again?

Our Heroe are back with another episode of comix drinks & conversation. Find out what Drama has plagued the MCU for some time now. If the film Life a prequel to the upcoming Venom film? and find out what is new in the comic book world 


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